About Me - Danny Goodding
My wife and I

My wife and I

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida working toward my PhD in Conservation Biology. I study spatial patterns of coral reef health off the southeast Florida coast. My goal is to determine what is driving these patterns with the hope of understanding the unfortunate decline of Florida's coral reefs and ultimately reduce or prevent future stress on Florida's reefs.

I'm also an environmental scientist for a local environmental consultant agency, so I often get to visit some locations the public may not typically see. I try to capture the beautiful and interesting things I see when I'm out in the field for research, work, or fun. I hope to show people that there is much more to central Florida than amusement parks!

I hope you enjoy my photos! Feel free to email me at dannygoodding@gmail.com for any inquiries about photo use, licensing, or anything else.

Map with locations of some of my geotagged photos

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