Split Oak Forest Bioblitz 2018 - Danny Goodding

I'd like to say thank you everyone who helped out logistically or with cataloging species at Split Oak Forest this weekend for the bioblitz! I had such a great time and I feel that the bioblitz was a success! I hope everyone had a good time and learned something new along the way.

Please remember to upload your data and/or send me your datasheets so that I can begin working on a species list from the bioblitz and eventually update the master species list for the entire park.

Message me if you have questions, otherwise please email me the datasheets at DGoodding@knights.ucf.edu. I look forward to seeing the observations and species list continue to grow on the iNaturalist page for the event!


Danny Goodding





Split Oak Forest in southeast Orlando, FL; Trail Map 1, Trail Map 2

Friday May 4th 7pm - Sunday May 6th 7pm (48 hour window). You can participate anytime during this window, even if it's only for a few hours! 

A bioblitz is an intense survey of all species in a given area over a specified period of time. The goal is to document as many species as possible!

YOU! There will be local experts, enthusiasts, and volunteers split into groups searching for a variety of taxa throughout the event. 

More Information

Participants will work in teams, each with a taxon focus (e.g., birds, butterflies, reptiles, etc.), however other species found along the way should also be documented. Each team will need to have at least one expert on that taxon. If you would like to be a team leader, please sign up here!

Datasheets are available at this link. The first tab has the full species list and the second tab is blank datasheets. Ideally, each species documented will have a representative picture taken of it. If the group is unsure if an animal is another species, err on the side of considering it a separate species!

There is a bioblitz page for this event on iNaturalist. iNaturalist also has an app available for Android and Apple so you can enter data on the go during the event! All observations for which a photo was taken should be entered into this iNaturalist database. All other observations without an accompanying photo should be recorded in the datasheet. Click here to learn more about how to use iNaturalist.

Please try to document each localized species observation with a representative photo. If there is a group of the same species at a spot, please take a picture of one individual and record the total number of individuals. For example, if you are recording a group of four sandhill cranes in a marsh, please take a photo of one and when creating the iNaturalist entry, in the field labeled "Estimated number of individuals", select the amount at that spot. Be sure to record these instances in the datasheet as well. After the event, please scan and email the datasheet(s) to Danny Goodding at dgoodding@knights.ucf.edu

Camping is available at Moss Park which is connected to Split Oak Forest at the northeast corner of the park. Camping and park information for Moss Park can be found here.

Parking is limited on site, so please try to carpool. Vehicles are not allowed inside the park, however there will be two designated trucks in the park during the event to help people move around and get to and from the parking area or campground.

Here is the FWC 10 year management plan containing very detailed information about the characteristics of the park including a species list.

To participate in this bioblitz, you must RSVP through the "RSVP Here" button above!

Bioblitz conducted according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission special use permit number:  SUO-57155

Sponsored by the Friends of Split Oak Forest (Facebook page here)

Photos taken at Split Oak Forest by Danny Goodding

Whitebanded fishing spider

Whitebanded fishing spider

Dolomedes albineus

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