Invertebrates - Danny Goodding


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Green lynx spider guarding her eggsac

Green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans) guarding her eggsac.

A single eggsac can contain up 600 individual eggs. After 11-16 days the eggs hatch into "postembryos" which lack mouthparts and functional eyes. They remain inside the eggsac for another 10-13 days and undergo their first molt into fully functional, but not yet sexually mature, tiny spiders. The mother typically helps tear open the eggsac to release the young, but should the mother not be around when it's time, the young can rip the eggsac open on their own.This is in contrast to most wolf spiders' eggsacs from which the babies cannot escape without help.

The young will then typically spend their first winter living on and around the branch or plant that the eggsac was on which the mother has covered in silk for the spiderlings to provide refuge while they learn to fend for themselves. to fend for themselves.

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